7 Easy At-Home Exercises to Tone Stomach, Bum and Thighs

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Looking for At-Home Exercises to Tone your Stomach, Bum and Thighs very fast?

All you need is here!

7 Easy At-Home Exercises to Tone Stomach, Bum and Thighs

This list contains 7 simple, yet effective workouts to help you achieve that, and they are highlighted below:

Exercise 1: Double Leg Kick

7 Easy At-Home Exercises to Tone Stomach, Bum and Thighs

Lie face down while placing your head to one side and both legs together

Clasp both hands together behind your back, as high as you can

Inhale: Pull in your abs, and then lift your belly just away from the mat

Exhale: Place both legs together, bend your knees, and then kick the heels toward your butt in a 3 pulse kick

Inhale: With your hands still clasped, stretch the arms behind you, arcing your upper body away from the mat. Simultaneously, extend your legs out straight right above the mat

Exhale: Return to the first position while your head is turned to the other side

Repeat 3 full sets, switching your head right to left.

Exercise 2: The Bridge-Up

7 Easy At-Home Exercises to Tone Stomach, Bum and Thighs

Lay on your back, bend both knees, and plant your feet firmly on the ground

Press the hips up to the ceiling and squeeze your glutes as though you were practicing a gymnastics bridge.

Lastly, gently lower the hips back to the ground and repeat as many times as possible

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Exercise 3: Glute Bridge

7 Easy At-Home Exercises to Tone Stomach, Bum and Thighs

On a flat floor, lay on your back, place both hands by your side and bend your knees. Be sure your feet are placed around shoulder-width apart. This is the starting position

While you push with your heels, lift the hips off the ground and keep your back straight. Exhale as you perform this particular motion and hold at the peak for 1 second

Gently return to the starting position as you inhale

Depending on how strong you are, you may decide to add weight to this workout by holding heavier objects [barbell, medicine ball, etc.] over your pelvis.

Exercise 4: Squat with a Sidekick

7 Easy At-Home Exercises to Tone Stomach, Bum and Thighs

Firstly, you have to stand in a squat position, keep both feet wider than hip-width apart and slightly turn out your toes

Now, squat down to a 90-degree angle at your knees with your chest remaining up

After that, rise up out of the squat and contract the core so as to be able to lift a leg up and out to the side while balancing on the opposite leg. Return to the first position

Repeat on both sides.

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Exercise 5: Donkey Kicks

7 Easy At-Home Exercises to Tone Stomach, Bum and Thighs

Get on your fours in order to make your hands become shoulder-width apart and your two knees straight below the hips

Begin to brace your abdominals and let your knee remain bent.  Lift a leg up behind you until it falls in line with the entire body and your foot becomes parallel to the ceiling

Lastly, slowly lower back down to the first position and repeat with the opposite leg

Exercise 6: Heel Beats

7 Easy At-Home Exercises to Tone Stomach, Bum and Thighs

Lie on the stomach and place your forehead on the hands.

Bring both legs together and straighten them underneath you

Lift the abdominal muscles off the mat. You should be able to feel the lengthening effect on your spine

Now, turn both legs out a bit at the hip. Try bringing your inner thighs together and keep your heels as tight as possible

After that, keep the abs lifted while drawing both legs up in the air away from the mat. Lengthen them as straight as possible.

In a quick manner, beat your heels together and apart.

Do twenty beats. Rest and then repeat.

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Exercise 7: Leg Kick Back

7 Easy At-Home Exercises to Tone Stomach, Bum and Thighs

Start on your fours while placing the middle of the exercise band just around the right instep. Hold the ends under both hands.

Lift your abdominal muscles.

After that, bend your right knee and stretch your right hip so as to make your thigh become parallel to the ground

While you maintain the height of your knee, gently kick your heel back and stop immediately the leg becomes straight

Now, bend the heel back just toward your butt. Be sure not to allow the knee fall

Repeat eight to ten times, switching legs.

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1. Focus on Your Diet

Getting a toned look depends largely on the total amount of fat in your body; the higher the figure the less your stomach, bum, and thighs will appear toned.

Therefore, if creating a toned look is your utmost desire, then you must make every effort to reduce your body fat, which you can easily achieve by eating the right foods.

Rather than clogging your stomach with junk or low-nutrient foods, you should eat foods rich in protein, fiber, potassium, and other nutritious foods. These are foods like lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, protein powder, healthy fats, fibrous vegetables, to mention but a few.

Apart from eating good foods, you should also increase your daily water intake and sleep duration. Experts suggest drinking at least 8 cups of water per day.

Regarding the sleep duration, sleeping for a minimum of 7 hours a day could help improve your skin tone as well as overall health. Therefore, make sure you get enough sleep, regardless of the situation.

2. Exercise Regularly

Engage in exercises that target your biceps, triceps, deltoids, rectus abdominus, obliques, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, and adductors. By so doing, it could help achieve a toned stomach, bum, and thighs.

A typical example of exercises in this category is squats, lunges, triceps extensions, pushups, deadlifts, bench presses, dumbbell flyes,  single-leg squats, biceps curls, hyperextensions, side crunches, hip thrusters, to mention but a few.

3. Do Some Cardio

Cardio exercises are considered one of the best exercises for reducing body fat as they burn a high amount of calories in the body.

Some of the best cardio exercises you could practice include: running, swimming, skipping, biking, etc.

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7 Easy At-Home Exercises to Tone Stomach, Bum and Thighs


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