10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks

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Do you want strong and sexy legs? Are you looking to get rid of your leg fats? Strong legs help you walk, jump, balance, and run.

They also support your body and let you enjoy everyday activities and also make you look great in heels and shorts.

If you want to get rid of your leg fats in two weeks, then you will need to follow these exercises and be consistent with them.

10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks

1. Step-Climbing

10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks

Climbing steps is an easy way to get rid of leg fats while also keeping the heart and lungs healthy.

Step-climbing boosts strength and muscle tone in the upper legs and butts. There are various ways to work these muscles:

  • Using stepping machines at a gym
  • Walking up flights of stairs
  • Hiking up the hills
  • Using a climbing wall

Climbing steps can provide other health benefits, too.

One study from 2005 on 15 women found that climbing flights of stairs up to five times per day had a great amount of impact on oxygen uptake and reduced low-density lipoprotein.

During this study, the women began by climbing a flight of 199 stairs once each day in week 1, then over time increasing climbs to 5 times each day by week 7.

No other dietary or lifestyle changes were made while taking part in the study.

2. Running

10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks

Running is the perfect exercise for full-body weight loss. It will get rid of leg fats before you know it. It also gives the thighs and buttocks a more defined shape.

This aerobic activity also improves the heart and lung of the function, and it strengthens the lower body.

Also, besides supportive shoes, it requires no special equipment.

Running is way better than walking for fat loss, as it burns more calories.

Studies show that over 1,600 meters, people of average fitness burned 372.54 calories while walking and 471.03 calories while running.

However, these studies conclude that even if a person is unable to run, walking is another very good option for burning calories and fat compared with resting.

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3. Lunges

10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks

Lunges are another lower-body strength exercise that activates and gets rid of leg fat. Variations include sideways, forward, and transverse lunges.

The basic forward lunge also works the thighs and calves.

How to Do Lunges

  • Stand with the feet hip-distance apart.
  • Then, take a large step forward with the left leg.
  • Lower the body slowly, bending both knees to 90 degrees.
  • Don’t let the right knee to touch the floor or the left knee to travel past the toes of the left foot.

Return to the standing position. Repeat several times.

4. High-Intensity Interval Training

10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks

People who are busy but want to get rid of leg fats can take up high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

From a worldwide survey of fitness trends for 2018, HIIT is one of the most popular fitness trends.

HIIT involves putting maximum effort into a particular activity for a short period. This is followed by a longer period at a slower pace.

HIIT sessions are intense workouts, so they often appear to be shorter in duration than moderate-intensity activities.

For example, after a warmup period, HIIT may involve the following:

  • Running on a treadmill at 7 miles per hour (mph) for 1 minute
  • Running for 2 minutes at 5 mph.

Repeat this pattern for at least 15 minutes.

A study from 2011 suggests that HIIT may be more effective at reducing body fat than other types of exercises and that HIIT is good for controlling obesity because of its time-efficient.

5. One-leg Deadlift

10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks

Deadlifts work the lower body, improves balance, and strengthen the abdominal muscles and lower back it also helps get rid of leg fats.  One-leg deadlifts activate the gluteus muscles.

How to do a one-leg deadlift:

  • Stand on one leg with your hands by the sides.
  • Stretch your other leg out behind. Keep the back flat and the shoulders straight.
  • Lean forward from the hips making sure there is a stretch in the hamstrings. Don’t let your chest drop below the hips.

Repeat as much as you can. If it appears too intense, slightly rest the non-supported leg on the floor. To increase the exercise intensity, use dumbbells.

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6. Squats

10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks

Squats are usually a part of many exercise plans. This is can be linked to their ability to work several muscles in the butt, legs, and abdomen at the same time.

A study in 2009, which appeared in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, checked the effects of various exercises on the Gluteus Maximus and gluteus medius.

The scientists found that single-leg squats were a good option for activating both the Gluteus Maximus and the gluteus medius.

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7. Lateral Band Walk

10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks

Strengthens your legs, hips, and knees with a lateral band walk. This exercise is also a useful warm-up activity before running, jumping, and doing other activities.

How to Do the Lateral Band Walk

  • Take a resistance band and put it under the balls of your feet. Make sure the band stays flat against the shoes.
  • Stretch your legs to shoulder-width apart. Share the weight evenly over both feet.
  • Bend the knees slightly to achieve a semi-squat position.
  • With one of your feet, take a small step off around 3 inches to the side. Move in the same direction with the other foot, again approximately 3 inches.

Do 10 reps for each foot.

To intensify this exercise, choose a band with a higher level of resistance.

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8. Side-Lying Hip Abduction

10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks

Side-lying hip abduction exercises are most effective for strengthening the legs. To do this exercise:

  • Start by lying on one side and supporting your head with your arm or hand. Keep your knees straight and feet together.
  • Gradually raise your top leg as high as possible without turning the pelvis backward or forward.
  • Lower your legs slowly and return to the starting position. Repeat severally each side.

Use ankle weights to intensify this exercise.

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9. Resistance Band Leg Presses

10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks

Use a resistance band to imitate the movement of a machine leg press. This exercise targets your butt, quads, hamstrings, and calves and also gets rid of leg fats.

To intensify the exercise, make use of a thicker or shorter band.

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10. Box Jumps

10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks

You can also do box jumps on a plyometric box. This explosive workout is one of the best ways to lose your leg fats.

When you land on the box, drop your hips to absorb the force. Don’t lock your knees and quads. This can hurt your knees.

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10 Easy Exercises to Get Rid Of Leg Fats Fast In Two Weeks


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