10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

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Looking for a budget-friendly vacation destination for you and your loved one? You are in the right place!

Now that travel and hotel prices are on the right side, it is becoming more difficult to find the perfect getaway location, but you need not worry any longer because our collection will guide you on the cheapest vacation destinations for you and your partner.

After consulting a good number of travel insiders, we were able to compile an exhaustive list of the Top 10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

With these destinations, even if you don’t have millions in your account, you can enjoy what they have to offer.

Let’s get started:

10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

10 Most Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

1. Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand is yet another excellent travel destination for a young couple. The flights are affordable and the accommodations are reasonably priced, making it a preferred vacation destination for a lot of people.

Due to its affordable nature, it receives a significant number of travelers worldwide year in year out.

With the Phi Phi island, you will have an opportunity to have a fun-filled moment as you marvel at the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.

Upon having enough of the beaches combined, you will also enjoy the lush green mountainous terrains.

2. Albufeira, Portugal

10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

Located in Southern Portugal [Algarve region to be precise], this is an ideal vacation spot for couples on a budget.

There are numerous reasons you should visit Albufeira with your partner, one of which includes its beautiful climate. You can’t afford to miss out on such an amazing experience!

Wines and foods are sold at reasonable prices; the apartment styled hotels are affordable. Another reason to visit Albufeira is that it has fabulous beaches and a marvelous old town which makes your experience more splendid.

If you are a golf lover, there are lots of courses to check out. Another site worth visiting is the famed Sao Lourenco church, which is very near to this great spot.

3. Coban, Guatemala

10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

So, you and your partner love nature? Then Coban in Guatemala is a fantastic destination to explore the might of nature.

This is indeed a beautiful location and it features numerous caves, natural waterfalls, and large tracts of the lush, beautiful rural landscape.

This park also features the extensive wooded trails, which makes it an ideal hiking destination for an outdoor couple.

Although the majority of the attraction sites are far away from Guatemala, Coban has almost the same thing to offer. Coban is renowned for connecting people with nature at surprisingly low prices.

4. Tulum, Mexico

10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

Looking for an affordable destination to visit with your partner? Tulum, Mexico is your best bet. Whether you are a young couple or a newly wedded couple on honeymoon, Tulum is just too perfect for you.

It features a countless number of beaches which are great for snorkeling enthusiasts. It will please you to know about the low-cost paradise of Tulum; a boutique hotel built on the edges of the Caribbean Sea.

I’m very sure you’d love hotels opening up to the vast white sandy beaches and the sea. Isn’t it!

There are wide ranges of hotel rooms you can get for a very cheap price, as well as your favorite Mexican drinks and beverages as part of the plan.

5. Caribbean Jamaica

10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

Of the Caribbean Islands, Jamaica is undoubtedly one of the most affordable destinations for couples.

It has enormous resorts to satisfy both the couples who are on a larger budget as well as those on a tight financial plan. You only need to avoid the likes of Sandals, Couples, and Gran Bahia.

Since there are too many tourists, most of the hotels are offering couples special offers and free nights. Some of the low-cost hotels also offer free night offers.

Again, there are several cost-effective airlines that are shuttling between various cities and Montego Bay. Aside from that, you also get to enjoy romantic waterfalls, warm water swimming, cascading water, snorkeling, and plenty of sunshine, which will make your visit more exciting.

6. Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

Located in St. Lucia, the Jade Mountain is a romantic luxury resort that sits above a 600-acre beach and celebrates the region’s scenic beauty.

Part of the things you’ll enjoy viewing includes the Piti and Gros Piton mountains above the Caribbean Sea. There are also various over-the-top romantic sky jacuzzi suites that you can choose for accommodations.

Again, you and your partner can indulge in the tropical flavors of “Jade Cuisine” and take complimentary yoga classes and all other interesting activities.

7. Galley Bay Resort & Spa, Antigua

10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

Galley Bay is an ideal Caribbean getaway spot for couples who wish to have a fun-filled vacation. Featured in this resort are 98 guest rooms and 40 acres of gardens, which provide private accommodations, tucked along the beach.

You are also free to choose from any of the Premium beachfront suites, Gauguin suites, and beachfront rooms which are quite affordable.

Not that alone, this resort also features 3 romantic open-air restaurants as well as 4 lounges with enchanting ocean vistas.

Some other highlights include evening hors-d’oeuvres, afternoon tea, top-shelf drinks, and wines by the glass, but to mention a few.

Again, this resort provides you and your partner with complimentary water sports, live entertainment, and local excursions to see wildlife.

8. Auberge Carnish in Scotland

10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

For couples looking for a unique destination with protected habitats and spectacular scenery, the Outer Hebrides in Scotland is your best bet.

With the luxury Auberge Carnish on Lewis, you will enjoy the magnificent ocean, river, and beach views. This ultra-modern hotel features only 5 guest rooms, which allows couples to enjoy the quiet ambiance.

You can go on romantic walks with your partner in the hills, or relax on the magnificent beach, among others.

The gournet restaurant is in charge of serving Franco-Hebridean fusion dishes, and the menu is filled with local island ingredients and changes seasonally.

There are beautiful hotels you can stay in and their prices are very affordable.

9. Ballyvolane House in Ireland

10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

Ballyvolane House in Southern Ireland is the very place you should visit if all you crave is a secluded getaway. The setting is very calm and couples can spend a good time fly fishing in the lakes, walking in the woodlands, and exploring the gardens.

The hotel is arranged in an Irish country home setting coupled with affordable luxury guest rooms and warm hospitality. You and your partner can enjoy Salmon fishing on the river Blackwater and trout fishing on Ballyvolane’s private lakes.

The hotel is equipped with six individually furnished guest bedrooms as well as en-suite bathrooms and antique baths. Rolands room features an antique mahogany enclosed bath and the Grans Sitter room offers beautiful views of the gardens.

In recent times, the hotel began to offer stylish tents from May to September, allowing you and your partner to experience camping surrounded by nature without giving up modern comforts.

10. Quintana Roo, Mexico

10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples

The Mexican state of Quintana Roo features numerous tourist places, including Cancun, Playa del Carmen, the Riviera Maya, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Isla Holbox, and Cozumel.

There is also a myriad of hotels in this great city, and this is why they are being priced reasonably. Despite the meager prices charged by these hotels, you will get a wide variety of all-inclusive resort packages that appeal to all ages of travelers.

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10 Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Couples


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