11 Warning Signs of Mental Illness You Should Know

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So many people have the belief that mental illness is rare and only happens to ‘other people’ and so they don’t pay attention to these warning signs of mental illness.

Mental illnesses are widespread and very common. It is estimated that about 450 million people currently suffer from the condition.

The issue with this condition is that most families do not want to bear the thought that a member is suffering from mental illness as it can be emotionally and physically trying.

It can even make members of the family feel vulnerable to the judgments and opinions of other people.

But we need to understand that mental illness does not just appear on a day. There are signs to watch out for to know if an individual suffers from the condition.

What is Mental Illness?

Mental illness can be considered to be a disease that causes tender to severe distortion in the behavior and thoughts of a human being, resulting in the inability to cope with ordinary routines and demands of life.

There are as many as 200 categorized forms of the condition and some of the most common disorders are bipolar disorder, depression, dementia, anxiety, and schizophrenia disorders. The symptoms may include changes in the mood and personality of the sufferer as well as social withdrawal.

So if you or your loved ones seem to show these signs, do not wait until it gets worse before seeking help.

It is advised that you seek the support of other friends and family for guidance, before finally getting medical attention.

11 Warning Signs of Mental Illness You Should Know

Warning Signs of Mental Illness in Humans

1. Resorting to Alcohol

11 Warning Signs of Mental Illness You Should Know

It is okay to have social drinks with family and friends, but when an individual seems to be taking more to alcohol as a form of coping mechanism, then it is time to check on them and have a discussion with them on what could be bothering their mind.

2. Unexpected Aggravation

11 Warning Signs of Mental Illness You Should Know

While it is common to see people get into a bad mood at some point, it is not a good sign if an individual has been getting into fits of rage, occasionally.

According to Bustle, Dr. Caroline Madden mentioned that anger is most of the times referred to as depression with a lot of enthusiasm.

While a sign of depression is that they are easily aggravated by everything around them.

So when a loved one starts showing signs that are uncommon with them, then it is time to start seeking help.

3. Feeling Tired Lately

Apart from the fact that they are experiencing long workdays if your partner has been feeling tired in recent times and they seem to have in a change in mood and dash off to bed earlier than they used to, then it is time to start checking up on them.

Emerging mental illness may drive some people to seek more comfort in their beds and prefer to go to sleep earlier than usual.

4. Spacey and Forgetfulness

If your loved one has been “out of it” recently, it could a symptom of what they are going through mentally.

The sudden onset of forgetfulness may be a sign of a struggle within them. An individual who has always been organized may start finding themselves missing out on deadlines, forgetting the kids in school.

Once this sign is noticed, then it is time to start seeking help.

5. Nonexistent Sex Drive

It is not uncommon to see people undergoing depression lose their self-esteem and energy.

When a partner begins to withdraw from you and does not want any form of intimacy, then it is time to check them for any kind of mental illness.

6. Too Much Complains About Not Feeling Fine

Mental illness most of the time takes a physical toll on the individual, so it is necessary to start paying due attention to partners of loved ones that will always have something to complain about.

Dr. Madden mentioned that when individuals are depressed and they refuse to talk about it, it begins to tell on their body – they may start complaining about headaches, fever, fatigue and even stomach upsets.

7. Refusal to Bath

We all have different needs and it is fine if a loved one decides they are not taking their bath on a daily basis, or if they decide not to wash their hair in a week.

But what you should take note of is when a neat individual starts showing signs of dirtiness.

People suffering from depression can neglect self-care sometimes and may go days without doing their laundry.

8. Refusal to Answer Phones

11 Warning Signs of Mental Illness You Should Know

An individual tending to develop a mental illness may not have the strength and energy to hang out with other people.

They also tend to avoid their phones, especially when it is about communication with friends and family members. They may also start to isolate themselves at this point.

9. Absent Mindedness

When you are out there having fun with your partner and they seem to be far away from the location.

That may be a sign they are passing through a difficult time and it is telling on their mental health.

They may, at that moment, be ruminating on an issue that seems out of their control.

This will affect their focus during conversations and once you realize this, then you should begin to think of ways to help them out of their misery.

10. Mood Swings

In as much as it is normal to experience mood swings at any point in time, it is weird if your loved ones become unpredictable.

Unexpected sudden mood swings can be a sign of Bipolar Disorder.

This can affect your relationship with them and the earlier you notice this, the better for you and them.

11. No Plans to Talk About the Future

When your loved ones are dealing with depression, it may prove difficult for them to gather their energy and think about their future.

Once you realize they are withdrawing from this sort of discussion, then it is time to have an intense discussion with them and seek help.

Do not ignore any of these warning signs of mental illness in your partners.

It might even be you showing the signs. Once an individual known to be super-active begins to withdraw from you and other friends, then you should start considering the possibility of mental illness and then seek medical assistance.

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11 Warning Signs of Mental Illness You Should Know


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