7-Day Beginner Keto Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss

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If you intend to boost your health and fitness goals this year, you may try considering the ketogenic diet.

Keto diet is among the most popular methods worldwide for shedding excess weight, improving energy levels, and fueling workouts. The diet is characterized by a very low amount of carbs, high fat, and moderate protein levels.

According to research, there are a lot of benefits of practicing Keto diet. Part of it is that it reduces acne, reduces the risk of cancer, boosts brain functioning, improves cardiovascular health, reduces seizures, prevents high blood pressure, improves body composition.

Far beyond the aforementioned, it will interest you to know that multiple studies reveal that a ketogenic diet can help shred those fats and speed up weight loss.

This is majorly because low-carb diets like this are associated with reduced appetite, decreased caloric consumption, lowered insulin levels, reduced bloating – all of which leads to rapid weight loss.

That said, would you like to give the Ketogenic diet a try?

Don’t worry; the basic thrust of this article is to avail you with a typical 7 Day Beginner Keto Diet Meal Plan to help you Lose Weight and make transitioning to the diet easier.

Let’s get started!

7-Day Beginner Keto Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss

7-Day Beginner Keto Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Day 1 [Net carb: 20.7g]

Breakfast – Eggs Scrambled with Sautéed Onions plus Cheddar Cheese

Snack –Peanut Butter Fudge Crisp Bar

Lunch – 6 oz deli ham over two cups mixed greens alongside half Hass avocado, five large black olives, half cup sliced cucumbers, and two tablespoons blue cheese dressing

Snack – three-quarter medium zucchini cut into sticks alongside two oz provolone cheese

Dinner – Baked Catfish with Broccoli coupled with Herb-Butter Blend

Expert Tip:

Low-carb diets like this typically have a diuretic effect, therefore, be sure to drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water each day.

Failure to drink enough water, especially at the earliest stage of trying a low carb diet can trigger a lot of conditions, including constipation, dizziness, sugar/carb cravings, to name but a few.

In addition to that, it is equally important that you add extra salt to your diet so as to get satisfactory levels of electrolytes which can help boost your weight loss goals.

Day 2 [Net carbs: 20.6g]

Breakfast –Frozen Farmhouse-Style Sausage Scramble

Snack – one cup sliced red bell pepper alongside two tablespoon ranch dressing

Lunch – Bacon-Cheddar Cheese Soup

Snack – one stalk celery alongside two tablespoon cream cheese

Dinner – seven oz bone-in pork chop alongside Cauliflower-Cheddar Mash

Expert Tip:

When you exercise regularly, it might help you achieve ketosis simply by making your body to use up excess, unneeded glucose before storing as glycogen.

One thing about the keto diet is that you may begin to feel a bit sluggish when you just started.

The best way to get over that is by engaging in a low-intensity movement like yoga and walking. Once you feel more energized, you can then proceed to add in some high-intensity exercise.

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Day 3: [Net carbs: 19.7g]

Breakfast – Spinach and Swiss Cheese Omelet

Snack – Strawberry Shake

Lunch – Grilled chicken over baby spinach, tomato, coupled with avocado salad

Snack – two oz ham, two tablespoon cream cheese, alongside two dill pickle spears

Dinner – Beef Sautéed with Vegetables Over Romaine

Expert Tip:

As someone who’s new to the keto diet, you may experience certain symptoms, such as headache, weakness/weariness, and declined concentration.

To overcome that, it is imperative to drink plenty of water and add a little extra sodium, potassium, and healthy fats to your diet.

Day 4 [Net carbs: 19.3g]

Breakfast – Cheese and Spinach Omelet Topped alongside Avocado and Salsa

Snack – French Vanilla Shake

Lunch – Frozen Crustless Chicken Pot Pie

Snack – half medium zucchini cut into sticks combined with one oz Monterey jack cheese

Dinner – five oz hamburger topped with one oz pepper jack cheese, one small tomato, half Hass avocado, and two romaine lettuce leaves

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Day 5 [Net carbs: 21.9g]

Breakfast – two large eggs, one-quarter cup shredded cheddar, alongside four tablespoons Salsa Cruda

Snack – Cafe Caramel Shake

Lunch – Frozen Chili Con Carne, one side of two cups mixed greens alongside two tablespoon Italian Dressing

Snack – one cup sliced red bell pepper with two tablespoon ranch dressing

Dinner – Half of a California Cobb salad alongside ranch dressing

Day 6 [Net carbs: 20.7]

Breakfast – Red Bell Pepper nourished with Creamy Eggs alongside Spinach

Snack – Strawberry Shake

Lunch – Tuna salad, four oz tuna, two stalks celery, one dill pickle spear, two tablespoon mayonnaise

Snack – one portobello mushroom cap, one-quarter cup Salsa Cruda, and one oz pepper jack cheese

Dinner – five oz Italian sausage, one-quarter medium onion sliced, half red bell pepper sliced with a side of two cups baby spinach, half cup sliced mushrooms, and two tablespoon Blue Cheese Dressing

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Day 7 [Net carbs: 20.8]

Breakfast – Pumpkin Flax Pancakes

Snack – five whole snap peas alongside two oz cheddar

Lunch – six oz chicken breast over two cups Romaine hearts alongside five radishes and two tablespoon Creamy Italian Dressing

Snack – two stalks celery and two tablespoons cream cheese

Dinner – Baked Salmon With Charmoula Over Broccoli


No. Despite the fact that the ketogenic diet is considered safe for most people, it is not suitable for all and sundry.

Avoid a Keto diet or consult your physician if you are:

  • Currently taking diabetes or hypertension medications.
  • A pregnant, expectant or lactating mum.
  • Diagnosed with heart disease.
  • Experience anorexia
  • Prone to kidney stones.


7-Day Beginner Keto Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Avoid complicated recipes. As a beginner, don’t be tempted to spend an excessive amount of time or money trying elaborate recipes.

It is a gradual process; it is best you keep it simple at first.

Keep exercise light. At the earliest stage, your body is likely to experience some transformation and you might even begin to feel a bit weak.

Therefore, be sure to stick to Yoga, walking, and some other light exercises.

Stay hydrated. Constipation and tiredness are common effects associated with keto. To combat such symptoms, you need to drink enough water per day.

Reduce your stressful activities. Engaging in a lot of stressful activities will drastically inhibit your body from entering ketosis and burning fats.

Therefore, be sure to keep stress to the barest minimum if you really want to lose substantial weight.

Increase your healthy fat intake. When you have plenty of healthy fat in your body, it can help give your ketone levels a huge boost and launch you into ketosis.

Some of the best sources of healthy fat include but not limited to olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc.

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7-Day Beginner Keto Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss


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