3-Day Cardiac Diet – Lose 10lbs in 3 Days with Heart Healthy Diets

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The three-day military diet is a short-term weight loss program that demands people to follow a restrictive, low-calorie diet for 3 consecutive days and then going back to four days of eating less restrictive, regular eating.

Just like many other diet plans out there, the three-day military diet has certain restrictions. The major restriction is that your caloric intake for the 3 consecutive days will be pegged between 1,100, and 1,400 calories.

That being said, it will interest you to know that this diet boasts of a significant amount of protein while the fat, carbohydrate, and caloric contents are extremely low.

The foods featured on the meal plan can help boost your metabolism and burn a lot of fat off your body, which makes it a great option for weight watchers.

3-Day Cardiac Diet - Lose 10lbs in 3 Days with Heart Healthy Diets

Having explained the meaning of the three-day military diet, we’ll reveal to you some of the benefits, pros, cons, features of this meal plan as well as how it can help you lose 10 pounds in 3 days.

Let’s get going…

Pros of 3-Day Cardiac Diet

The diet contains a significant amount of protein, one of the key macronutrients that increase the feeling of fullness, keeps hunger at bay, maintains muscle mass, and generates energy for day-to-day activities.

  • It provides a faster way of losing weight.
  • It is well structured such that it takes the guesswork out of dieting.
  • The diet is easy to follow since it features limited, easy-to-prepare foods.
  • It is heart-friendly, especially because it features a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, among others.

3-Day Cardiac Diet - Lose 10lbs in 3 Days with Heart Healthy Diets


Below is a 3-day cardiac meal plan you can try out now:


#DAY 1

Breakfast – Black Coffee or Tea, half Grapefruit, Dry Toast (one Slice), Peanut Butter (one Tablespoon)

Lunch – Black Coffee or Tea, Tuna (half Cup), Dry Toast (one Slice)

Dinner – Lean Meat (three Oz.), String Beans (one Cup), Carrots, Small Apple (one piece), Vanilla Ice Cream (one Cup)

#DAY 2

Breakfast – Black Coffee, Egg (one), Dry Toast (one Slice), Banana (half)

Lunch –Tea, Cottage Cheese (one Cup), Saltine Crackers (five)

Dinner – Beef Franks (two), Broccoli (one Cup), Carrots (half Cup), Banana (half Cup), Vanilla Ice Cream (half Cup)

#DAY 3

Breakfast – Black Coffee, Saltine Crackers (five), Cheddar Cheese (one Oz.), Small Apple (one),

Lunch – Black Coffee, Hard-Boiled Egg (one), Dry Toast (one Slice)

Dinner – Tuna (one cup), Beans (one cup), Carrots (one cup), Melon (one cup), Vanilla Ice Cream (half cup)


#DAY 1

Breakfast – Grapefruit (half), Toast (one slice), Peanut butter (two tablespoons), Caffeinated coffee or tea (one cup)

Lunch – Tuna (half cup), Toast (one slice), Caffeinated coffee or tea (one cup),

Dinner – Meat (three ounces), Green beans (one cup), Banana (half), Small apple (one), Vanilla ice cream (one cup)

#DAY 2

Breakfast – Egg (one), Toast (one slice), Banana (one)

Lunch – Hard-boiled egg (one), cottage cheese (one cup), Saltine crackers (five)

Dinner – hot dogs (two), broccoli (one cup), carrots (half cup), Banana (half), Vanilla ice cream (half cup)

#DAY 3

Breakfast – saltine crackers (five), cheddar cheese (one slice), small apple (one)

Lunch – hard-boiled egg (one), toast (one slice)

Dinner – tuna (one cup), banana (half), vanilla ice cream (one cup)

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  • Below are some rules to follow to lose 10 pounds in 3 days with the 3-day cardiac diet:
  • Do not eat any snacks in between your meals. For the diet to work for you you must follow the plan exactly as specified.
  • Drink enough water daily; at least one gallon per day. This will help improve your satiety levels and keep hunger at bay.
  • This diet permits you to take soda or tea with sweetener.
  • The only seasonings allowed on this diet include Salt and Pepper. Don’t be tempted to make use of any other.
  • Follow the diet for 3 consecutive days in a week.
  • After 3 days of using the diet, you can switch back to your usual food but be sure to not overeat.
  • Always opt back for your 3-day diet immediately after completing the 4 days of normal eating.

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Below are some expert tips for losing a great amount of weight in just a few days:

Eat more protein, fat, and vegetables – the importance of protein in weight loss can never be overemphasized as it helps in boosting overall metabolism and reducing cravings.

This is why it is very crucial to eat protein-dense foods, such as broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, kale, lettuce, cucumber, olive oil, whole eggs, salmon, chicken, beef, lamb, etc.

Reduce your sugar and starch intake – sugar and starch (carbs) are enemies of weight loss. In fact, all your efforts to cut certain pounds off your body will keep proving abortive if you don’t cut back on the aforementioned.

The reason is that they both have a way of increasing your hunger levels, which may prompt you to eat more calories and finally end up gaining more weight.

Additionally, when you reduce your carbs intake, it helps lower your insulin levels, triggers your kidneys to eliminate sodium and water out of the body.

This in turn helps in minimizing bloat as well as unnecessary water weight to give you a slimmer figure.

Engage in weight lifting exercises thrice a week – when you lift weight, it helps you burn a significant amount of calories and shield your metabolism from slowing down.

Drink water 30 minutes before meals – some studies reveal that drinking water a half hour before taking your meals can help boost your weight loss goals by a significant margin. There’s no crime in trying; TRY IT OUT NOW!

Get a good sleep every night – poor sleep is among the major causes of weight gain, therefore, be sure to sleep for at least 7 hours per day if you truly intend losing weight.

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3-Day Cardiac Diet - Lose 10lbs in 3 Days with Heart Healthy Diets


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